1) A Massive Leap!

To regular bloggers I expect this is easy, but as a virgin blogger this feels like opening my heart to the world.

What gives me the strength to bare my soul and share my deepest thoughts is that I know that I really am walking through this earthly life hand in hand with spirit.

I use the words ‘I know’ and not ‘I believe’ because to me the difference is so incredibly important. Belief can be more of a hopeful word, a word that is used sometimes almost in desperation, it is putting faith in someone or something, but we all know that believing in something doesn’t necessarily mean that it is true, or that it is going to happen.

Knowing …… really knowing, is a certainty, a definite, is unwavering, cannot be changed or altered. I know from my experiences with spirit, from my earliest memories when I was a small child, to the mature woman I am today, that they do indeed walk with me, hand in hand.

So, today, this is the beginning of a new way of keeping a journal of my experiences and involvement with both spirit and my wonderful earthly friends and soul mates who journey with me and share the ups and downs of life

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