40) The Touch of An Angel

Angel Art (Wallpaper) By Julée San

I had never taken much of an interest in angels and had never seen anything like an angel  until last summer when I was particularly unwell.  I was going through a very bad phase health wise and was feeling despondent because I had optimistically booked a five-day residential mediumship course with the Accolade Academy at Margam in Wales.  I was so ill I really thought that I wouldn’t be able to cope with the journey there, never mind actually manage the course.

Only a few days before I was due to go away, I was talking with my friend Martha McKinnon, a gifted medium and healer who I have known for several years.  I was telling her how disappointed I was that I would be unable to attend the course and how another friend was on standby to take my place. Martha very kindly offered to give me healing.  Now Martha lives in Scotland and I am in Hampshire, so we are not at all close geographically, in fact it is over 430 miles, but Martha said this would make no difference.  We arranged for me to lie on my bed at 9pm and that she would text me when she had started and would text again when she was finished.

I laid on the bed and to be honest wasn’t expecting to feel anything at all.  I didn’t hear Martha’s text arrive, so just closed my eyes and relaxed.  I was immediately aware of a presence around me and was sure I could hear people softly talking, but I didn’t open my eyes because I was a little wary of what or who I might see!  I felt a wonderful sense of love and warmth surrounding me and in a strange way my body felt unbelievably light.  It was a very lovely feeling. I must have drifted off to sleep because the next thing I knew was that I was waking up and seeing that it was exactly an hour since I had laid down.

I was going to get up and make a cup of tea but somehow felt I should carry on lying there until I heard from Martha.  I was just lying on the bed looking at the ceiling when I saw a small bright light above me.  As I looked closer I could see that in the light was a small face.  I couldn’t believe my eyes and sat up to take a closer look.  The face was surrounded by a soft golden light and then I saw what I can only describe as waves of what looked like downy feathers encircling the face.  I watched as it moved slowly across the ceiling and then disappeared.  I was stunned.  I had never seen anything like it before.  Then I noticed another light across the room, and again there was a small face, surrounded by the same golden light and downy feathers and it too drifted across the ceiling and then faded.  This happened twice more.

By now I decided I really did need that cup of tea and checked my phone to see if Martha had sent a text.  She had, but only the one before she had started the healing, and I realised then that I hadn’t heard it because my phone was on mute.   The text read:  ‘The healing has left my hands darling, and it’s now in the hands of the angels! I’m being told that they are working with you right now, so lie still for another wee while honey and you will feel so much better soon! But don’t worry cos you will known when it’s time to move about ok? Let me know how you feel later darling.’

My goodness, I couldn’t believe it!  I really wondered if what I had seen had been tiny angels and there was Martha’s text confirming that she had left my healing in the angels hands.  I couldn’t wait to tell Martha and rang her.  She said she wasn’t at all surprised. I was amazed, not just with the angels I had seen, but by how very small they were.  If someone had asked me to describe an angel I would have assumed that they were at least our size or larger. Martha told me that she felt they came in all sizes!  The next day I was over the moon when I felt better than I had in months and the feeling of energy running through me was incredible.  I had to tell my friend on standby that I would be able to go on the course after all.  I know she was disappointed as she was looking forward to the possibility of going herself, but she was also really pleased that I was feeling so well.

Several months passed and I had not been aware of any angels again until one evening I was lying down and about to begin a healing meditation.  I saw a haze of the deepest purple surrounding me and then saw a small golden glow down to my right.  When I looked closer the glow became more and more intense and then there, right in the middle of it, was a very small angel looking up at me with arms outstretched towards me.  It could have only been about two or three inches high and again I was amazed at how tiny it was.  It glowed brighter and brighter and then began to fade.  I felt a wave of disappointment as I saw it vanish before my eyes only to then be delighted to see another glow appearing to my left.  Sure enough another little angel appeared and then faded  followed by another and another.  In all there were six of them this time.  I just laid on the bed in awe of what I had just seen. I am sure that they came to assist in my healing.  It does seem that’s when these little souls arrive.

I remember verses that I had ‘received’ one morning back many years ago.  I had woken and heard the words but then as I went about my morning routine I had forgotten them.  The next morning as I awoke I was given the words again and I wrote them down. I have no idea who gave them to me, only that it was a soft gentle voice.

The Touch of An Angel

It is only when I close my eyes, that I can truly see, the need in the world and the joy there should be.

It is only when I close my eyes and sit quiet and still, that I hear the whispers of nature, a birds gentle trill.

It is only when I close my eyes and sit quiet and still and empty my mind, that my heart starts to fill.

In a world without form, without these senses we share, I find total peace and feel utter care.

Aware of my soul, the essence of me, there is only one truth, that whatever shall be.

As pure as true love, without fault or shame, there is compassion and truth and no-one to blame.

High in the heavens, as I travel through light, an angel appears, surreal and so bright.

He touches my soul, and repairs all my pain, with a spark of the Divine, I feel whole once again.

I return to this place, with my energies renewed, to complete my life’s work, to assist all of you.

As I open my eyes and hear the noise of this life, I fill my mind with everything that I am as a Mother and wife.

But deep in my soul, throughout every day, I know there’s an angel, just a moment away.

Strangely the words appear to be written in the first person, but I feel that they are for everyone, to enable us to gain an understanding of how easy it is to connect with angels.  It was over ten years later, last summer, that I first felt any type of connection with angels at all, but they do say that there is no time in the spirit world, so I am sure one of my lessons is to learn to be patient!

I’m looking forward to my next angel encounter …. no matter how long I might have to wait!


12 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Rescuing Little L
    Apr 26, 2012 @ 22:44:29

    this is just a beautiful story and i must admit that i wish i could see angels like that….i do feel presence and see flashes of light but will hope and ask for more….thank you for posting your experiences!


  2. yogaleigh
    Apr 23, 2012 @ 05:42:51

    Great story and i love the poem.


  3. Martha McKinnon
    Apr 23, 2012 @ 02:13:48

    My darling Tisha, I am so happy that you allowed me to link up with the angels that night to send you healing. I felt the most calming feeling that I have ever felt when sending distant healing. It was such an honour and a pleasure to help you, as I also felt that I was given help at the same time from our wonderful angels. You are an incredible inspirational writer, and over the years I have been so lucky to read most of your work. I regard you as a well respected medium, and used to feel so emotional when you read your latest piece out to me! I have always been a follower of yours, and as we both know your brother helped me so so much when I first opened my centre in 2002. I love you so much, as you have always been my amazing friend from down south! Keep well my beautiful friend, and I promise that one day I will come and visit you and Simon in Hampshire. Lots of Love, Love you lots Martha McKinnon xxxxx


    • chattingwithspirit
      Apr 23, 2012 @ 06:21:22

      Oh goodness Martha, I feel more than a little overwhelmed by your beautiful comments! Thank you so very much. Yes, you must come and visit – you know you have a long standing invitation – it has been far too long since we shared some time together. I love you too! xx


  4. nikizab
    Apr 22, 2012 @ 21:56:18

    Wonderful experience and love the poem 🙂 xxx


    • chattingwithspirit
      Apr 22, 2012 @ 21:59:02

      Yes it was Niki – I was so very lucky to have these tiny visitors! The poem has always been one of my favourites that I’ve received. Funny thing is that I can remember exactly wheere I was standing when I heard the words the second time around. Amazing! 🙂


  5. kay gale
    Apr 22, 2012 @ 14:50:13

    Loved the angel poem. You so deserve good health! x


  6. Heart Whispers
    Apr 21, 2012 @ 19:28:56

    What a beautiful experience! I had no idea you had not been well before Margram park. It didn’t show.

    Love and light


    • chattingwithspirit
      Apr 21, 2012 @ 19:44:21

      Had to smile when I read your comment Kay. I tended to slope off for a rest when everyone was off out exploring and couldn’t manage to attend the evenings ………
      but I firmly believe that the healing I received was for the purpose of attending and having the opportunity to meet fantastic new friends!! 🙂


  7. Christina Wood
    Apr 21, 2012 @ 19:13:50

    Wow!! What an amazing “encounter” though I seem to believe that every one of those “celestial beings” was a wee messenger of hope!
    There is something quite magical in all your verses.


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