7) Choosing our lives?

The master plan to do list

It’s amazing how many spiritually minded people I’ve met over the years who have experienced what I would call ‘complicated’ lives.

I do wonder sometimes if people become more spiritually aware because they have had to overcome difficulties in their lives, or,  were they born ‘knowing’ that they had chosen to walk a problematic path through life because their soul was already spiritually aware?

In my own experience it has been rare to talk to anyone at a workshop or in a spiritualist church, circle etc who has not gone through some pretty traumatic events in their life.  You may say, well that goes for everyone, but I truly believe that is not the case.  I have known many, many people over the years, who have had what I would call, easy lives, and who are not at all interested in anything spiritual.

So, (avoiding the are we/aren’t we  re-incarnated discussion for the moment) if we accept that we are re-incarnated, then when we are ‘ in-between’  lives do we sit with a long list of experiences that we can choose for our next life?  Do we somehow get ‘points’ for each testing experience we manage to work through,?  Do more points make for an easier life the next time or is it like a ladder of achievement where we move further and further up the more points we have accumulated?

Are we given a series of  budgets of sorts for various parts of our life.  For example, we would have an emotional budget/a body budget/intelligence budget etc, etc.  So we can choose, from the body budget, for argument’s sake, to have beautiful eyes and good skin, but that to keep within budget we may also have to choose to have knock knees and big feet?  Or, could we choose to be the most intelligent person in the world and know that we are going to inherit a vast amount of money but end up blowing all our inheritance  on an invention that never takes off?  Sometimes, though, we may be given the choice of a limitless budget, where in our naivety we choose what we consider at the time to be the best financial circumstances, the very best parents, the most amazing healthy and beautiful body, just to find that these set of circumstances don’t actually give us any spiritual warmth but that they may in fact teach us invaluable lessons.

Do we choose experiences just for us, or do we sometimes choose them so that others can learn, grow, or blossom from dealing with us/our problems/our conflicts etc?

In our ‘in-betweeny’ lives, when our souls are in a place of perfection, does the list seem less daunting?  I do believe that I thought I could conquer the world when I was sat there with a pen in my hand, ticking away, with no realisation of how very distressing, painful and troubling so many of my choices would be and how very long this life might seem once I was here!

Thankfully, and hopefully, most of my trials and tribulations are behind me (unless I stupidly ticked even more boxes that I am yet unaware of) and I do feel that I am in a much happier and peaceful place in my life now.  If living this life is about learning lessons I certainly feel I have been in the classroom long enough, and if there is an exam at some point I have without doubt spent many years on revision and should pass with flying colours.

Does some higher power choose for us?  Or … the really big question I used to ask  ….  is it all totally out of our control?  Is everything random?  I am positive that is not the case.  An excellent medium and friend, Susan Roberts, from Barnstaple, North Devon, gave me the most accurate readings from my loved ones in spirit several years ago, which included some information about my future.  At the time I didn’t dare to believe her prophecies because they were so positive and exactly what I had secretly wished for.  Everything she said, to the minutest detail, happened, just as she had explained.  So, obviously there was a plan in place, somewhere, which she (or her guides) could access. I just thank my lucky stars that I actually ticked a few good boxes along the with the challenging ones!

I would love to know the answer to these questions, but I am pretty certain that I won’t know the definitive answer until I’m sitting on a cloud somewhere, between lives, with my guides, going through yet another list!

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  1. Niki Zabiela
    Oct 25, 2011 @ 23:08:56

    I absolutely know we reincarnate, one reason being to experience living in many ways. I also know there is much more to this than we understand while we are here! thanks for your views, and Kaths too, love reading it and making me think some more 🙂 xxx


  2. kay gale
    Oct 25, 2011 @ 22:59:34

    Thank heavens for Jesus!
    Well he certainly had a laundry list on his last visit.
    Well done Tish for articulating what I’ve felt & ‘known’ forever.
    Keep up the good work & next time we’re back “home” we’ll compare lists & who got the best divi!! x


  3. Kath Baillie
    Oct 25, 2011 @ 13:27:33

    The reincarnation topic is an interesting one and one I have debated slot following insights into hypnotic regression and clinical hypnosis/trance. I don’t have the answers to your questions but I have some further questions to provoke additional thought. What if there is no timeline in spirit. What if spirit transcends time. One of the most interesting theories is the debate around in between states. How can my spirit friends and family visit if they have taken rebirth? That has to be a topical question. But what if the spirit exists in duality, always connected to the source on many different levels at the same time. What if rebirth has already taken place but each time the soul splits and only part of the original takes rebirth, the aspect that wants to experience something or evolve further. More interestingly, if one wants to remain current and help evolve and evoke spirit, perhaps part of the soul takes rebirth so that it can evolve and relate to a wider experience or knowledge of self. It. Conceptually it already has full spiritual knowledge but until it tests it out, it has limited experience. Is it experience therefore and not knowledge that promotes spiritual growth, which is why action is as important as thought but so overlooked. And if time doesn’t exist, is this how they can forsee future and past, changeable with action it must be but if we continue on our current course, evidentially we will fulfil a role or career move. I find everything your saying thought provoking but I feel impelled to say that we know everything already conceptually through the higher source and by tapping into it but it is testing knowledge to challenge what we believe in concept is reality. We test ourselves to achieve growth. However even the concept of growth means we need to travel from one point to another. The question has to be why? Why do we desire to move through space and time and what benefit does that have on ours and others soul lives? Do we give ourselves clues from one life to the next, do patterns emerge? Do repeat cycles arise as we revisit things from different angles, after all one mans freedom fighter is another mans terrorist?? Thought provoking isn’t it? Deep, maybe but think about it and see what you think?? K


    • chattingwithspirit
      Oct 25, 2011 @ 14:03:59

      I don’t know why I consider this to be true, but somewhere deep in my soul, I am convinced that we do re-incarnate, but I also feel that it is not something we tend to do on too regular a basis. I am sure that many years would pass before I would consider coming back for another human experience. It must take a vast amount of time just to analyse and scrutinise the life you have just led, the lessons you have learnt, the ones you avoided, the gains you made, the faults you made, the achievements etc etc etc.

      Considering we are all from source (if that is your belief, or what I prefer to say, is what you know to be true), then yes, I can see the argument for the possibility that our experience here, this time, in our conscious awareness, may be for a part of our soul that has to experience this earthly human life from a different perspective. As you so rightly say, “one mans freedom fighter is another mans terrorist”. And do we have to see, or experience, everything from the opposing point of view, or is that something we should try and learn, which is always far easier said than done, i.e. to see both sides?

      I like the idea that we may, as souls, know certain aspects of earthly knowledge, but have yet to refine those thoughts through actually living the life that can gain the experiences to either justify or rectify the theories we have. Hope that makes sense!

      I too have often pondered on our human idea of time. I wonder if time is non-existent in a spiritual sense, as I know that mediums invariably say that spirit has no concept of time, but then, on the other hand, they say if you make an appointment to communicate with spirit you should keep it! I, like you, also wonder if different parts of our souls can ‘live’ many lives concurrently. If that is the case then is our future absolutely set in stone, or when does it become our future, if there is no time? So there would be no past or future, all we would have is our conscious awareness of now, the present, but possibly only the present in this one lifetime. Gosh, my brain is beginning to fry!

      I am extremely interested in learning more regarding our souls, our choices, our reasons for fulfilling our life plans (if there are such things!), and how to apply that new found knowledge to both mine and others lives that we are living now. It is certainly thought provoking. I really do feel that spirituality is far more than just giving messages, although that obviously plays a huge part in giving the evidence of life after life (much prefer that to the old ‘life after death’) argument, and also I feel it is vitally important that spirits can communicate to give messages of support/comfort/advise etc to those they still love, who are still here.

      I am sure that this topic will still be hotly debated long after we are back ‘home’ and even then I wonder, will be be privvy to everything? Now that will be interesting! T


  4. Chris Styles
    Oct 24, 2011 @ 22:17:18

    Love this!
    Keep up the good work and ill keep visiting your blog 🙂

    -Chris Styles


  5. delajus
    Oct 24, 2011 @ 22:08:54

    I love your blog and all the questions it raises. You have a marvelous sense of humor while also raising some profound questions. I have just started a blog called Higher and Higher, so I’m so glad to find someone with similar intersts. I will certainly subscribe to your blog and continue to check in! Delajus


    • chattingwithspirit
      Oct 24, 2011 @ 22:36:32

      Thanks so much for your comments. I hope that both my spiritual guides and friends know that even though I do have a sense of humour I am serious about my spiritual work and growing spiritually. I’ll be looking forward to reading your blog!


  6. conniewalden
    Oct 24, 2011 @ 20:43:56

    Our souls are imperfect and God knows that. Men and women should never think of our souls as perfect. The perfect one is Jesus Christ….sinless in every way and the Forgiver and Savior of us sinners. Thanks for sharing. Connie


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